Craft Wholesalers, Do You Want a Bigger Profit? Let Resellers change One Thing

Craft Wholesalers, Do You Want a Bigger Profit? Let Resellers change One Thing

As an E-commerce Arts and Crafts wholesale company do you wait and hope for sales? Do you feel your resellers need to do a better job at marketing your products?  After all, you do everything you can to help them. Don’t you?

To guarantee sales you provide your resellers with all product information. You put feature product information into databases or spreadsheets for easy use. You’ve created systems for your resellers to easily set up their own websites with product information and images. Your system is turnkey for resellers. Less work for them means more time for them to do other things, like running their business. 

But maybe you’re doing too much…

How your E-commerce business rules suffocate your bottom line. 

Why don’t resellers include extra information in their listings? 

Is it because your company has rules against resellers adding to product information? If you do, you want to rethink this and get it changed. 

Is it because your resellers don’t know they should add information or images to the listing? You need to contact all your resellers and tell them to add product benefits to their product listing. Doing so adds greater visibility in online searches and more sales for both them and you. 

When a customer searches online for a product, Google looks for the most relevant site. Google doesn’t know what is the best site or the right site for the searcher, but the authoritative site. Yes, Google is looking for correct information, but also unique information. 

When your resellers use the exact information you’ve provided there’s no uniqueness. How do any of their products or yours stand out in the crowd?

They don’t. 

In order for your reseller’s E-commerce sites to stand out, they need to make their product information and images unique from everyone else. 

And you need to help them.

Giving resellers options without losing key product features.  

Letting resellers change your content and feature descriptions could get out of control. You’ve spent time and money figuring out your keyword strategy, images, and know exactly what information you want associated with your product. Plus, you don’t want your naming conventions changed on a whim. But you do want resellers adding information and images for their target market. 

This allows reseller’s customers to find exactly what they are looking for, and gives you more sales from multiple markets. 

You’ve already given resellers the features of your products. Information like dimension, color, material, and weight. Now let your resellers add the benefits to each feature you’ve already given them. 

For instance, you might have the following feature information for a ruler:

  • Name: Clear Unbreakable Ruler 
  • Manufactured by XYZ crafting company
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • SKU: XYZ301
  • Marking in inches on one side and centimeters on the other
  • Made from clear durable plastic
  • Made in the USA

When someone searches for Clear Unbreakable Ruler 526,000 results are returned. 

Now let the reseller add to the product name.
For instance, a quilt shop could add to the name: Clear Unbreakable Ruler for Quilters. 
The search results for Clear Unbreakable Ruler for Quilters is 131,200. Sure that’s still a lot of searches but less competition. 

If a quilt shop did only local sales they could add information to the listing such as:  Clear Unbreakable Ruler for Quilters in Lakewood, NY. This search result returned only five options. 

Other places to tell resellers to add information is in the product description, a benefit tab, or main feature list. The reseller is giving their customer reasons to buy the product. And if resellers are adding to the feature list make sure they know to write the feature as a benefit. 

A benefit driven description looks like the following: 

Never break or chip another quilting ruler again. When your ruler drops on the craft floor, pick it up and keep working. Plus, the clear plastic lets you see your fabric at all times. You’ll never worry about cutting or marking in the wrong place again because your ruler covers your fabric. 

Besides descriptions let resellers add images to your existing image. A good image is worth a thousand orders. And an image that lets the customer imagine themselves using the product increases sales. According to Big Commerce “78% of online shoppers want more images from ecommerce sites”.  

By inviting resellers to add information to specific parts of the product description they are driving more traffic to your products. But why should you take the time to encourage your resellers to add information?

The double bonus of helping your resellers sell more

By helping your reseller’s sell more, you make more. But there is more to it than that. 

 your products become in demand by retailers and distributors. Your products will rank in searches in different markets and so will your company’s name.  When customers start asking for your product by name and company, more local stores will carry your products. 

The more people who use and love your products the more products they will ask for. This allows you to introduce new products to the market because people trust your company. 

Plus your resellers will trust your company because you help them, not just sell to them. 

It’s time to help your resellers help your bottom line. 

Decide what policies you can change to make it easier for resellers to add information to product description and name. Create guidelines for what resellers can and cannot change in product descriptions. And how they should add to the product description for maximum return in their industry. 

Now contact your resellers and distributors with your new guidelines and information. 
It’s time for bigger profits. 

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