7 Simple Actions Gives Your Crafting Business Amazing Results

7 Simple Actions Gives Your Crafting Business Amazing Results

You don’t just run a craft business. No, you live a craft business lifestyle. 

Every day you create, help others create, or find tools that help crafters. 

You never worry about “the next idea”, for ideas flow off of you like water from a waterfall. 

No, creating isn’t ever going to be an issue. 

The business side of your craft business may be a different story. 

Why? Because crafting runs through your blood, it’s part of who you are, but business isn’t. 

Good thing anyone can do these 7 business actions.

1. Don’t tell people what your creative business is – tell them how you help them

Yes, you help crafters solve problems every day. Instead of telling people what you do, tell them how you help. 

 For example, as a quilt shop owner, you could say you run a quilt shop. Or you could say, you’ve created a place where quilters find the right fabric, tools, and instructions for every project. 

You’ve taken the focal point from you to the customer.

This shift from business to helper does two things for your business. One, you hear what you do for people and become more people-centered when you speak. Two, people will take notice that your business is about helping them. This helps with loyal customers and loyal customers always tell others. 

2. Keep educating yourself

When you read, watch, and list to different subjects your mind expands. This activity gives you more creative ideas within your business. And gives you new ways to run your business better. 

Learning from different genres opens up possibilities you never thought of before. Giving you fresh ideas and increased knowledge.

Plus, you never know when you can take a business or craft point from a different genre and adapt it to your own. 

3. Get a business mentor to push you out of your comfort zone 

 A business mentor! You may think they are not necessary nor worth the time or money spent. But you’d be wrong. A mentor is someone who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. They’ve already done it. 

Every successful person has someone they’ve learned from each step of the way.  Different people will resonate with you throughout your life. You need to pick the right mentor for each step of your journey. 

When looking for a mentor choose someone you trust, admire, and is real to you. Look for someone that defines success as you do. Someone with the same work philosophy and someone you’ll listen to. It makes no sense to pick a mentor that you don’t believe in. 

Where do you find a mentor and how much do they cost? The cost of a mentor can be as little as your time. Or as expensive as a business coach costing thousands of dollars. You can find your mentor in a book, podcast, blog post, or taking training courses. You can also hire a business coach. 

It’s important to recognize when you need a new mentor and are in a new part of your business journey. 

4. Connect with other crafters and businesses for guidance and support 

As a craft company, you have different needs and questions than other businesses. What connections you’ll need to thrive depends on your work situation. Before finding others to connect with define what makes your work and lifestyle unique. 

Things like do you work from home? Are you a solopreneur? What craft niche are you in such as, scrapbooking, quilting, or woodworking? Are you an E-commerce business or a brick and mortar store? Depending on how you define yourself will depend on the type of connections to search out. 

 Connecting with others lets you thrive and not be so isolated.

5. Let others sing your praises for you

Request and collect testimonials from customers about your work and customer service.

When a customer sends you a thank you ask if you can use their testimonial. People like to use companies that others are happy with and trust. 

6. Show the world what others think of you

 Add testimonials to your website, brochures, and other marketing material. People who love what you do are your best marketing tool. 

Make sure you keep testimonials updated, and honest at all times. 

7. Stay up with trends of your market – even if it means going back to the basics

Keeping in touch with your target market is key. Every season there are new craft ideas, projects, and supplies. Each year there are new craft techniques, looks, and colors. But everything spins off of something old, looking at it in a new light. 

Plus, many craft ideas recirculate over time or become a staple for a season. 

The best way to keep up on trends is to ask your customers and be observant of what is selling and what isn’t. Do a simple survey online or have a suggestion box in the store. Anything that gets you direct answers from your target market. 

Bonus 8. Consistently keeping in touch with your customers 

The key here is consistent – not daily. This includes weekly or monthly emails and newsletters. Many crafters use social media to keep in contact with their customers. This is a great idea but not a complete idea. When you only post on social media or have a blog you are dependent on your customers coming to you. 

When you send out helpful emails or newsletters you go to your customer. You control the communication and you reminding them who you are and where they can find you.  Your customer doesn’t need to guess where to find you, you’re right there.

It’s time to take actions for your business success

Regardless if you’re selling to the customer or other businesses you’re a creative and you’re good at it. But sometimes it’s difficult to get out of your creative mind and into your business mind. 

So every day practice your business mind bit by bit. Tell people how you can help them. Educate yourself daily through reading, watching, and listening. Find a business mentor. Let others sing your praises. Show the world what others think of your business. Keep up with business and craft trends. And consistently keep in touch with your customers. 

Do one step at a time daily, and soon they’ll become second nature to you, your business, and your success.

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