You're an arts and craft supplier, manufacturer, specialty shop, or craft business 

And you’re pretty good at what you do. The problem is you don’t know enough about online or in print marketing for your business. You’re frustrated connecting with your market. You have so many questions about the internet you don’t know where to start.

How much of a web presence do you need? What is the best way to connect with your market online and in print? Are some markets in your specialty more lucrative than others?

And you definitely don’t have time to search online for answers or apply the information you find. Instead you keep doing what you’ve been doing, and nothing has changed.

I had the same problem in my machine embroidery business.

About Arts and crafts content marketing

 I kept saying I would take the time to learn how to do my own marketing, online writing and learn the most lucrative aspects of my business. But I didn’t, and sales kept plummeting until I literally had to start over. This time I had the advantage of knowing the arts and crafts industry as a wholesaler, working with other businesses, selling retail and training. 

Luckily, I had enough assets to dig into in order to reboot my creative business. I took content marketing, SEO copywriting and social media courses to help me understand marketing. I took time away from the arts and crafts industry to focus on content writing for other industries. Then I realized crafting, creating, quilting, embroidering, and digitizing was in my blood and I needed to get back to it professionally. 

And then I started again. Sure, I made some dumb mistakes along the way, but I survived. I am now working full-time in the craft industry as a content marketing writer, B2B embroidery digitizer, and crafter. And I love it!

That’s why I launched this website, to help B2B and B2C businesses in the arts and crafts industry understand and move forward with their own content marketing. A place for you to find information specific to the arts and craft industry.  
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