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Hire an Arts and Crafts Content Marketer with Real Industry Experience

The creative arts industry defines who I am. I’m either using crafting techniques, supplies, and technology or I’m writing about it. My experience shows in my copy and in your results.

You Get Business, Crafting, and Content Marketing Experience Rolled Into One

I have over 25 years experience in the craft industry, decorative apparel business, and industrial embroidery industry both as a B2B and B2C company. Plus, I’ve been writing SEO content and marketing for the past 6 years. I’ve worked with E-commerce, catalog, publications, and business companies as a copywriter. 

The arts and crafts industry includes many different specialties including textiles, decorative apparel, stamping, quilting, art supplies, woodworking, leather craft, and more. Plus, the technology and industrial machinery which allows crafters to do their craft successfully.

When you need a content creator for your creative business I can help…

If you need content marketing help or have questions please contact me at: or use my contact form here.


“Great Asset” "Jan has good ideas, and draws deeply into her own experience to bring them alive. She meets deadlines and is a pleasure to work with." Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Wealthy Web Writer
Heather Robson
Managing Editor - Wealthy Web Writer
“Always willing to help” “Jan was always willing to help make the project successful. If it was spending extra time explaining a concept or writing out additional training and instructional material. All I had to do was ask. Jan would listen to what the issue was, then find a solution that everyone could understand and grasp. Thank you for all your help.”
MJ Louise
Chaut-Cat Library System
“Awesome Research” Jan has remarkable skills, knowing what questions to ask in order to make a project successful. She focuses on what makes the biggest positive impact. She completes thorough research to find solutions and answers. I will use her again!” Carol Koller - owner Midhill Dexters
Carol Koller
Owner Midhill Dexters
“Best Service” “The designs was exactly as described and sewed out as expected. Jan’s customer service was both excellent and timely. She took the time to understand my needs and helped.” Ana Rose – Customer Embroidery Pictures
Ana Rose
Customer Embroidery Pictures